February 2021

Exhibition 11th February and 13th February, 4-8 pm,

Xerotypes by Gabriele Rossi, curated by Lara Limongelli

Gabriele Rossi shows on Leporello’s walls a selection from his first solo show È sempre mondo / e giammai il vuoto, senza cosa alcuna at  Romberg Gallery, curated by Lara Limongelli. The exhibition stems from a reflection by the author on the images that make up his first photographic book, Itaca: a project room that led him to rethink the photographs up to modify their nature, and of which the catalog, Xerotypes, aims to be the registration.
Gabriele Rossi deepens this research in his subsequent photographic experience, The Lizard, of which an image is exhibited, both close but distant from the others.

From Itaca, the images of which are taken with an view camera, Gabriele Rossi proceeds by subtracting the strictly photographic element. Just as places are emptied of association with a predetermined view, with a localization, so the photographs on display live a different life, they become matrixes of copies, they become xerox, Xerotypes. Their series montage presents them as modules of an indivisible juxtaposition because it contains within itself a further meaning, a journey that loses places (a process that has already begun in Itaca) to rediscover the similarities in the forms, in the rhythm of their agreement. and their interference. In his most recent work, The Lizard, the photographer deals with the American landscape and with a certain photographic but also literary vision of this reality, continuing his work through the dialogue of the view camera with the dry black and white of the photocopy.

The books’ selection curated for the exhibition by Gabriele Rossi and Lara Limongelli in Leporello make us learn more about the author’s work and to leaf through his books and publications, from Itaca, through Xerotypes, up to the dummy of The Lizard: a visual and conceptual map made up of a series of publications selected from Gabriele’s, Lara’s and Leporello’s bookshelves, which suggests the photographer’s horizons of reference – lateral, transversal, narrative, or simply suggestive – of his field of training and artistic research.

On Saturday, Gabriele and Lara will discuss both the selection of the images and books on display and the issues related to hir printing choices and hir personal research in the field of images, the use of Xerox in hir latest exhibition, the connections with the language of publishing, and his interest in a certain type of rendering of the landscape.

Books selection

By Lara Limongelli

Hours and Infos

11th February, exhibition opening with Gabriele Rossi and Lara Limongelli
13th February, Gabriele Rossi and Lara Limongelli in corversation from Leporello’s couch and live on Instagram from 7 pm

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma