Richard Ford, Sportswriter, 2017

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Thirty-eight years old, a girlfriend younger than him and a job as a sports reporter, a situation that could lead many people his age to take an optimistic outlook on life. But there is instead something to push Frank Bascombe towards a feeling of despair: his wife leaves him after the death of their first child. Everything is shattered and with it Bascombe’s dream, who only had in mind to settle down, moving into a large house in the small town of Haddam, New Jersey. As with so many other middle-class Americans, his desire was only to have a pleasant and quiet life in his habits, in a provincial world safe from shocks and worries, for himself and his family. Now, however, Bascombe lives alone and will have to review not only his past but also the habits of his life. Sportswriter is the first, seminal book of the cycle focusing on Frank Bascombe, one of the most important cycles of contemporary American literature.

Richard Ford, Sportswriter
Universale Economica, 2017
Translation by Carlo Oliva
Art director Cristiano Guerri
20 x 13  cm
379 pages
Flexible cover
First edition I narratori, 1992
ISBN 978-8807890000