August 2022

Workshop 24-31 July 2022,

La Babuch: A workshop on photobooks with Ediciones Anómalas: the publishers Montse Puig and Israel Ariño, the designer Juanjo Justicia – Underbau, and Chiara Capodici – Leporello.

This was the third year we had the great luck to share a week of intense confrontations in a magical place with our beloved guests Israel Ariño and Clara Gassull: and this time was really special! Great team, great participants and great photobook dummies!

And last, but not least as special site-specific display of Leporello’s books!

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Hours and Infos

24-31 July 2022

LaBabuch is an old farmhouse that has been restored with the help and collaboration of many people. A place surrounded by nature, inviting calmness and concentration, perfect for learning and sharing ideas in the creative fields.

The core use of the space is to host gatherings with various creators, mainly focusing on photography. Also, in the near future, it will be made available for residencies, giving people with a creative project in mind a place to live and work while developing it.

LaBabuch is a project created by Israel Ariño and Clara Gassull. LaBabuch is their home, and their workshop, too.

LaBabuch is located in a rural area between the towns of Ingrandes and Mérigny, in the southern part of the Centre-Val de Loire region of France. The closest train stations are Chatellerault, Poitiers and Chateauroux.