Novembre 2023

Prestissimo qui ci sarà Leggerissimo, con la versione integrale di tutte le interviste!

Ottobre 2020

Protetto: Katia Viscogliosi & Francis Magnenot, artist duet

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Ottobre 2020

Guido Guidi, photographer

La figura dell’Orante. Appunti per una lezione, vol.1, Edizione del Bradipo, 2012 The following text is a free transcription of telephone conversations between Guido Guidi and Benedetta Cestelli Guidi I am interested in how things look, not in what they are – I am definitely not a philosopher or an Indian guru! I explore different vantage points in accordance with the temporal nature of observation. Movement and time are my concerns. I&

Ottobre 2020

Giorgio Barrera, artist

Aby Warburg's esotericism, a project proposal For some years now I started again to work on a book project that investigates the Myth, the imaginary and the imaginal. I want to build up a sequence of images (exclusively made for this purpose) that want to manifest the thinking of those humans that has given us a treasure that we have lost 1. The book I imagine is a thought-space to create pathos formulas

Settembre 2020

Alena Alexandrova, cultural theorist and independent curator

Three exhibitions and a book in development Sascha Pohle, Attachments, 2015 Capturing Metamorphosis, exhibition at the Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam, 2010 Hypothesis of a Lost Fragment, exhibition at YGREC, École nationale supérieure d'arts de Paris Cergy, 2015 Anarchic Infrastructures: Recasting the Archive, Displacing Chronologies, exhibition + symposium + now a book draft  There are two exhibitions I curated, which resonate with, and are inspired by Warburg’s approach. In the f

Settembre 2020

Giulia Marchi, artist

Everything move ahead with the strongest of time, multiplo, 2019 Turin, winter 1888-1889. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, 44 years old, German, professor of Classical Philology, retired for almost ten years is living in Piazza Carlo Alberto. Here he sees a horse being beaten and whipped by a coachman. The intellectual, since a long time span devoted only to philosophy and music, runs towards the animal, embraces it and faints to the ground. Fr