June 2024

Exhibition Tuesday June 18th, 7 pm,

La città che non c’è, Largo Bartolomeo Perestrello: Rob Hornstra, The Sochi Project Posters Realoaded – Cardboard barricades and paper planes for peace; Michael Trutta, Enciclopedia visiva delle diverse metodologie di sistemazione di insiemi di oggetti – LIBRO, curated by Beatrice Puddu and Michael Trutta

In Tor Pignattara, in the eastern quadrant of Rome, there is a special place where people come together to imagine a common space; it is called “La città che non c’è”. Every year the festival expands a bit, this year the festival starts from the Piazza che non c'è (otherwise known as Piazza Perestrello) to arrive at Largo Bartolomeo Perestrello with two photographic installations that will animate the market spaces. La città che non c’

June 2024

Presentation Wednesday June 19th, 7 pm,

Alea magazine, with Francesco Danesi della Sala – Editorial Director Pasquale Menditto – Editor and Silvia Pizzirani – Editor

ALEA is an independent magazine of cultural anthropology, founded in 2020. With a bi-annual publication of 2+1 issues per year, the journal aims to measure itself against the nuanced and complex rhythms of contemporaneity through a polyphonic and multidisciplinary narrative. Each issue is oriented by a broad thematic framework, the interpretation of which is entrusted to individual contributions selected by the editorial board. Within the pages of ALEA, anthropological ethnography lends itself to novel and fascinating en

June 2024

Presentation Thursday, June 20th, 7 pm,

Works for a Cosmic Feeling, by Fabio Barile. With Fabio Barile and Etaoin Shrdlu Studio published by Witty Booksin collaboration with Matèria

The images in this book, collected under the title Works for a Cosmic Feeling, create a map, and an ode at the same time. They map out the universe of the author, the constellations that guide him and inspire his wonderings, the pathways and crossroads where he gets lost and finds himself back again. Just like god and the devil being hidden in details, Barile’s images oscillate in a constant flux of conscience, a

June 2024

On the road Thursday 20th - Sunday June 23rd,

Gu.pho.- Photofestival Vernacolare Internazionale

Leporello will once again be present in Guiglia with a selection of books dedicated to archival photography, with a special in-depth look at the books chosen together with Sugar Paper for their Photobooks for Breakfast, as well as the artists and women artists on display. The third edition of the festival will occupy a long weekend in June:vernacular photography will be discussed with Michele Smargiassi, Sugar Paper, Lukas Birk, Joan Fontcuberta, PetriP

June 2024

Workshop Saturday June 22nd, 10 am - 18 pm,

 Gu.pho. – Fanzines with Found Photographs. Workshop with Chiara Capodici

On the occasion of its third edition, GU.PHO. Festival is pleased to announce Fanzines with found photographs - How to create a story with photo trouvèe in 16 pages, a workshop with Chiara Capodici. The one-day workshop consists of a first theoretical part on photo publishing with practical examples and a second, more manual part where each participant will get to make a fanzine. Participants, equipped with all the necessary tools, will experien

June 2024

Thursday June 27th, 7 pm,

Gelo I and II, Montagna and Incantamento, first publications of a series of small books by Sergio Lovati. Published by Deserter’s books. With Sergio Lovati

“To imagine the story as a blooming flower or a series of blossoming.” “This book was written in offering to the book just out of reach – radiant, waiting.” (Carole Maso, Break Every Rule: Essays on Language, Longing, & Moments of Desire) "Gelo I and II, Montagna and Incantamento are the first of a cycle of short books that arise from each other, independent but interconnected, and which take inspirat