May 2022

Presentation Saturday May 21st,

Deadbeat Club Coffee Party with Clint Woodside Openhouse Roma

Deadbeat Club is an independent publishing group & coffee roaster located in Los Angeles. Rooted in contemporary photography, our ethos on small run, limited edition publications carries into our small batch single origin, signature blend and limited release coffees. Clint Woodside, Deadbeat Club founder, will be with us along the afternoon, for a lovely show and tell of his publications, strating right from Vanessa Winship's last book, Snow.

May 2022

Presentation Thursday May 19th,

Book presentation: Snow by Vanessa Winship published by Deadbeat Club

In Snow, Vanessa Winship’s latest monograph, we see that what’s not entirely comprehended is far more compelling than what is well understood. Perhaps that’s a truism, but it’s one that is rejuvenated and refreshed by each new and peculiar telling. This book is just such a revelation. The origins of Snow lie in a commission (this from an artist who very rarely works on assignment, although Winship say

May 2022

Friday May 13th,

What if I can’t say goodbye by Giulia Crispiani published by Union Edition

Giulia Crispiani will give in Leporello a reading-performance of her last publication with Union Editions. On this occasion we also have the chance to enjoy a nice display of the books made by the publishing house founded by Giandomenico Carpentieri. "This book happened in between everything that has been written and uttered, in between one breath and another. It keeps track of all the intuitions among movements and break-ups, unfolding upon equations and

May 2022

Presentation Tuesday May 6th, 7 PM,

Peter Puklus, The Hero Mother

On the occasion of the workshop Corpo e oggetto, given by Peter Puklus at door on May 7th and 8th, we have the plasure to host the presentation of his last book in Leporello. In The Hero Mother, Puklus deconstructs and questions the dynamics of the pre-established female and male roles: motherhood as an alleged heroic activity and the supposed duty of the father to build and protect the home. His search breaks down th

April 2022

Exhibition April 26th,

Folded together, bound together. Windows, (long, narrow) standing upright. center broken, divided in thirds. About the failure to hold a () form.

Elena Bastert, Kristina Bóka, Hanna Christa, Ophelia Flassig, Daniela Graf, Emmi Heckel, Anne Hubmann, Lukas Jantschek, Simone Körner, Corinna Meyer, Rudyard Schmidt, Katharina Steinkohl, Anna Tenzer, Lukas Ulrich, Ali Zobaydi. A poster exhibition  by the students The Academy of fine Arts in Nuremberg. 106,5 cm x 208 cm - The window of a bookstore, scaled down in proportions to obtain a point - or is it a surface? - at which all the differential

April 2022

On the road April 13th,

Spazio Labo’, Strada Maggiore

Leporello and Spazio Labo' present a pop-up evening in the spaces of Strada Maggiore 29 with a selection of books inspired by the publications helping orienting us in the bookmaking courses and in the many exchanges with the teachers and collaborators of the school.Come over! You have time until May 2nd to apply for the 100% scholarshipApplication form here!