November 2019

November 15th, 6.00 pm - 10.00 pm; November 16th, 11.00 am - 9.00 pm; November 17th, 11.00 am - 7.00 pm ,


See you in Milan at the fair dedicated to experimentation and editorial research linked to contemporary art together with over 30 exhibitors from Italy and from abroad.

Find us at BASE onNovember 15th, 6.00 pm - 10.00 pm November 16th, 11.00 am - 9.00 pmNovember 17th, 11.00 am - 7.00 pm

With a selection of books and editions ranging from photography to collage to serigraphy.Don't miss the program of meetings with publishers, artists and industry professionals,

November 2019

Tuesday, November 12th, 6.30 pm,

5 Variations around the Earth

Presentation of the selected projectsWith Origini edizioni, Elton Gllava and Michele Palazzi

After almost 8 month of gestation, a lot of meetings and prints, Leporello and Origini edizioni are glad not only to share their call's selected authors, but to do it with a presentation of all the dummies on display and the launch of the first 2 publications.

The 4 variations on the theme of a fanzine became in the meanwhile 5,

October 2019

Wednesday, November 6th, 7 pm,

Presentation: fourth issue of Ossì

Finally comes the fourth issue of Ossì!It is titled "Nascondino" and contains a porn story written for the first time by four hands of two lovers, Francesco Pacifico and Francesca Mancini, accompanied by the photos of Michele Baron and a sex playlist by Venerus.Ossì, (like "Oh yes!") Is a well-made and self-produced porn journal.In each issue, a story stunted by worlds that we hope really exist and the sexy photos taken

October 2019

Wednesday, October 23rd, 7 pm,

Book presentation: La Casa Azul, by Giulia Iacolutti

Giulia Iacolutti, in dialogue with Lina Pallotta, talks about La Casa Azul, a project part of a socio-visual investigation on the life of 5 transexual women inprisoned in a men's penitentiary in Mexico City.

The project shows these people's process of identity building and the corporal practices, their bodies being perceived as twice abject, because of their identities and of their isolation.Forced to wear blue dresses, as all the other prisoners, these

October 2019

Presentation Tuesday, October 15th, 7 pm,

The Y, by Alba Zari. Talk with Alba Zari and Francesca Seravalle

Every woman inherits two X chromosomes, one of which can be paternal. Alba Zari uses the medium of photography as a visual method of investigation writing self-analysis notes to research the father that she never met. The missing Y. Zari interprets photography as the poetic of her resarch. She documents with scientific rigor and in real time through specific photographic languages. She has a few clues of her father: his name, the Iraqi nationality

October 2019

Exhibition Wednesday October 9th, 7 pm,

Pleasure Rocks, exhibition opening, talk and book presentation

Pleasure Rocks, a La Nut & Pornopoetica production. So far 2 editions of Pleasure Rocks have been printed, both in 80 copies FAG offset press by Paolo Nava Studio.

Pleasure rocks, (a) talk about pleasure. In a society devoted to edonistic and consumistic pleasure, what does it mean to take pleasure back, its eessence and its tranformational power? The project's authors will talk about it with Ilenia Caleo – performer, activist and indipendent researcher – on