January 2024

Presentation Thursday 22 February 7 pm,

Sancta Ratio Chaotica! L’ora felice in La maggiore by Alessandra Piolotto

Sancta Ratio Chaotica! L'ora felice in La maggiore is part of the larger body of work Photo Trouvée: la parola all'immagine, which began in 2015, in collaboration with Micamera_Milano, presented at the Pac-Padiglone of contemporary art in Milan in 2016 in a series of meetings dedicated to archive fever. From 2019 it finds periodic return in the Cinema Beltrade in Milan, in dialogue with the independent film festival Indocili, dedicated to young Italian

January 2024

On the road Until April 11th 2024,

Spazio Labo’: a new books display in dialogue with the exibition HUN by Julia Mejnertsen

We have brought to Spazio Labo' a new selection of books curated by Michael Trutta, who has chosen in Leporello a series of volumes that dialogues in various ways with the exhibition Hun, by Julia Mejnertsen, curated by Laura De Marco, and with the bibliography that has partly guided Laura's research. On view through April 11, 2024! For the second photobookclub event, to be held on March 4, we have chosen from Michael's selection of MOM,

January 2024

Presentation Saturday February 24th , 16-20,

An afternoon with 89books

We happily take advantage of a short stay in Rome of the editor and coordinator of the publishing house, Mauro D'Agati and Kateryna Filyuk, to devote an afternoon to their publications and the possibility of a direct chat&talk with this volcanic photographer and publisher and some of the authors of his most recent publications. In addition to Mauro, in the bookstore with us are Pierluigi Ciambra, Veronica Barbato and from 6 p

January 2024

Presentation Tuesday February 27th, 7 pm,

The Lizard, by Gabriele Rossi

Following the exhibition devoted to the author's reflections on the changing nature of his photographs from his first project, Itaca, to what was still a dummy in 2021, we are happy to celebrate the publication of The Lizard with him and his editors, Alex and Clint of Deadbeat Club. Making photographs as a way of “feeling at home without being at home.” That’s how Gabriele Rossi describes the process that led to The

January 2024

Presentation Saturday March 2nd, 6.30 pm,

La camera buissima – Viaggio alle origini della fotografia tra storie, invenzioni ed esperimenti with the authors Irene Lazzarin and Elisa Lauzana

We are back to TOOL for a presentation of a children's book that all of us adults should read! The presentation will be preceded at 4 pm by a photography workshop for children ages 8 to 11 inspired by the first chapter of the book. It seems impossible, yet there has been a world without photographs. And when the first photographic images appeared in the 19th century, they looked nothing like the ones we know: th

January 2024

Exhibition Thursday January 18th, 7 pm,

Swim Till I sank, by Gabriele Stabile

We are happy to begin the year with a reflection on process through an exhibition devoted to the transitions from photograph to artwork and from artwork to book. "What happens to journalistic reportage photographs when the news is published, outdated, and years of new news put distance between the shot and the life of the image?" This seems to be the question Gabriele Stabile asks himself when, after more than a decade, he reopens his archive an