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May 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover Wednesday June 3rd,

Voyage en pays du Clermontois (2019). A project by Israel Ariño and Clara Gassull

"Since July 2017, I have had the chance to roam around the small towns of the Pays du Clermontois, adopting a particular way of wandering, choosing to return to places without history and moments of everyday life at different times in the year. I wanted to confront the happenstance of walking, the desire to photograph intermediate spaces which in some way intrigued me.

I tried to re-read this territory, to short-circuit

May 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover Wednesday May 27th,

Filippo Romano, The Nairobi Project + web lecture for the Visual Arts ISCFI series

This week, besides our already beloved takeover, we double our appointments: on Thursday May 28th, 7 pm, Filippo Romano will hold a web lecture for the Visual Arts ISCFI series. Here the zoom link!

“I started photographing Nairobi in 2011 on a trip with Liveinslum ONG, with the aim of documenting the construction of an elementary school in Mathare ghetto.At first it was about the school, then about the

May 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover Wednesday May 20th all day long,


Founded in 2012 by two enthusiasts from Warsaw (Poland), BLOW UP PRESS is a boutique publishing house focusing on photography, which aim is to transform unique visual lens-based projects into thoughts provoking photo and art books.  Also known for its periodical doc! photo magazine dedicated to the contemporary documentary photography. Since this year, it also organises the BUP Book Award.

All BUP publications follow the motto When the story matters.

May 2020

Through the book(s) on the web #3

All-around identity

We decided to make a selection of books devoted to the theme of identity, thanks to the reflections inspired by the beautiful book by Paola Favoino A Je Burnnesh. 

Starting from the Albanian Burnneshe and some other books, such as Giulia Iacolutti's Casa Azul, in which identity can be considered as belonging to a gender -not necessarily identical with biological sex, this idea can expand and welcome heterogeneous meanings. An important

May 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover wednesday May 13th,

Francesca Todde, A Sensitive Education

“Yet it can happen, suddenly, unexpectedly, and most frequently in the half-light-of-glimpses, that we catch sight of another visible order which intersects with ours and has nothing to do with it.[…] We come upon a part of the visible which wasn’t destined for us. Perhaps it was destined for nightbirds, reindeer, ferrets, eels, whales…” John Berger

Tristan is a bird educator; he prepares them to work with humans in

May 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover Wednesday May 6th,

Paola Favoino, A je Burrnesh

Every Wednesday and more or less once a week, Leporello’s Instagram account will host a series of guests; photographers, designers, publishers with whom we planned a presentation in the bookshop, or simply with whom we would have liked to set a dialogue. Starting from Paola Favoino and her book A je Burrnesh, published by Balter/Edizioni d'Ottobre

A je Burrnesh by Paola Favoino is a book built on the path she