April 2021

ExhibitionThrough the book(s) Opening Tuesday May 4th, 4-8 pm,

Tomaso Clavarino and Patrizio Anastasi, Ballad Of Woods And Wounds curated by Studio Faganel

The Monferrato and Roero Woods, the limits imposed by confinement, the exploration of oneself and the natural environment, in a closed dialogue between the photographs of Tomaso Clavarino and the illustrations of Patrizio Anastasi, which confront each other, resemble each other, and overlap. Ballad Of Woods And Wounds is a stream of consciousness, an investigation into pure places lived during a period of tension and disorientation, namely the lockdown in Italy, an

April 2021

Exhibition Wednesday April 21st, 4-8 pm,

Mariana Chiesa Mateos, signing in Leporello her silkscreen prints part of the set Furia di Lama

"This folder contains eight silk-screen prints by Else Edizioni originally made in woodcut. The Furia di Lama project was born in 2016 following the conflicts in the Middle East, the consequent mass migrations and the death of thousands of people in the Mediterranean and other regions of the world. I have used the texts of writers who have spoken out against violence in its many aspects, who have opposed war, who have liv

April 2021

April 13th - May 1st,

In Leporello’s shop window – ZOOO & Hitnes

A selection of the most recent ZOOO publications on the occasion of the presentation of the special edition of the book Selezione Naturale, by Hitnes, accompanied by a silkscreen print on canvas, and a composition of three etchings made by Hitnes + DEM.

March 2021

#LeporellowednesdaytakeoverThrough the book(s) Wednesday March 24th, 4 pm - 8 pm,

Lukas Birk, Fraglich books

Inspired by the fascinating project Fernweh – an archive, curated by Natasha Christia, and finally triggered by Fraglich Publishing last publication, the Myanmar Photo Archive we proposed to Lukas Birk to let us make a trip through his books to delve into a journey across generations, archives and places. “In Fernweh – an archive, storyteller, artist and collector Lukas Birk repurposes his extensive personal collection, which is comprised of visua

February 2021

Exhibition 11th February and 13th February, 4-8 pm,

Xerotypes by Gabriele Rossi, curated by Lara Limongelli

Gabriele Rossi shows on Leporello’s walls a selection from his first solo show È sempre mondo / e giammai il vuoto, senza cosa alcuna at  Romberg Gallery, curated by Lara Limongelli. The exhibition stems from a reflection by the author on the images that make up his first photographic book, Itaca: a project room that led him to rethink the photographs up to modify their nature, and of which the catalog,&nb

January 2021

#LeporellowednesdaytakeoverPresentation Wednesday January 20th and Saturday January 23rd, 4-8 pm,

Colori by Giovanna Ranaldi

A volume of the Piccola Pinacoteca Portatile designed to play with color and deepen its many secrets. Through the words and images of great ancient and modern painters, Giovanna Ranaldi invites the reader to know the origins and names of colors, narrating the events, the discoveries, the works that made their history. An agile volume, which proposes to young budding artists exercises of observation, drawing, imagination, and gives the first rudiments to learn ho