June 2024

Michela Palermo & Palermo Publishing: a short interview about her adventures with the world of printed matter

Michela Palermo is a photographer, designer, and publisher with whom we share a passion for art and publishing, a curiosity for the world of paper, and a beautiful friendship. The presentation of Allen Frame's book Whereupon, along with the launch of the fanzine accompanying the installation at Leporello, on view through Sept. 12, was an opportunity to talk together about her work and the decision to found Palermo Publishing. CC When did your lov

October 2020

Guido Guidi, photographer

La figura dell’Orante. Appunti per una lezione, vol.1, Edizione del Bradipo, 2012 The following text is a free transcription of telephone conversations between Guido Guidi and Benedetta Cestelli Guidi I am interested in how things look, not in what they are – I am definitely not a philosopher or an Indian guru! I explore different vantage points in accordance with the temporal nature of observation. Movement and time are my concerns. I&

October 2020

Giorgio Barrera, artist

Aby Warburg's esotericism, a project proposal For some years now I started again to work on a book project that investigates the Myth, the imaginary and the imaginal. I want to build up a sequence of images (exclusively made for this purpose) that want to manifest the thinking of those humans that has given us a treasure that we have lost 1. The book I imagine is a thought-space to create pathos formulas

September 2020

Alena Alexandrova, cultural theorist and indipendent curator

Three exhibitions and a book in development Sascha Pohle, Attachments, 2015 Capturing Metamorphosis, exhibition at the Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam, 2010 Hypothesis of a Lost Fragment, exhibition at YGREC, École nationale supérieure d'arts de Paris Cergy, 2015 Anarchic Infrastructures: Recasting the Archive, Displacing Chronologies, exhibition + symposium + now a book draft  There are two exhibitions I curated, which resonate with, and are inspired by Warburg’s approach. In the f

September 2020

Giulia Marchi, artist

Everything move ahead with the strongest of time, multiplo, 2019 Turin, winter 1888-1889. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, 44 years old, German, professor of Classical Philology, retired for almost ten years is living in Piazza Carlo Alberto. Here he sees a horse being beaten and whipped by a coachman. The intellectual, since a long time span devoted only to philosophy and music, runs towards the animal, embraces it and faints to the ground. Fr

September 2020

Ines Schaber, artist, photographer, writer

Notes on Archives 1—Obtuse, Flitting by and Nevertheless There—Image Archives in Practice, Archive Books, Berlin and Camera Austria, Graz in 2018 Notes on Archives 5—Unnamed Series, with Stefan Pente, Archive Books, Berlin and Camera Austria, Graz in 2019 Notes on Archives is a series of five publications about archives and the practices we conduct in relation to them. Produced over the course of more than ten years, the publications feature a series