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June 2020

Maria Kapajeva, artist

You can call him another man, published by Kaunas Photography Gallery, 2018

Maria Kapajeva work is focused on photography, video, print making, installations, textile. Focusing on the politics of images projected on all of us without our consent, she often looks at those in movies, advertising, media and she questions how they form our identities and what is left unspoken about it. Kapajeva uses a multidisciplinar

June 2020

Federico Clavarino, artist

Medusa (working title)

This is an ongoing research project, and one that just started, hence its rather chaotic structure. Broadly speaking, it is looking at the gesture of photography as embodied vision. It is about photography as an entanglement of subjects, objects and apparatuses as mutually defining entities. Its core is the specific subject-object gap opened by the gesture of machine-aided observation. It is about mechanisms of recognition and mis-recogn

June 2020

Emanuele Trevi, writer

My project is my own home

My project is very personal, since it is my own home. Here I experiment an on-going project inspired by Warburg’s Library and Mnemosyne BilderAtlas: I keep a well-thought-out collection of art catalogues and books, ethnological and history of religions texts and very many art reproductions (postcards) and maps. I began my home image’s display in 2013 when I moved into an apartment with wooden

June 2020

Joachim Schmid, artist

Other People’s Photographs, 96 print-on-demand books, self-published, 2008-2011

Other People’s Photographs  is a series of 96 different books that explore patterns and themes in what amateur photographers are posting every day to sites such as Flickr.

On which fields of knowledge are you focused?

Visual culture.

Could you identify some constants in your work?


June 2020

Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber, artists

Fax from the Library ; Japanese Lesson ; You and Me: three projects, consisting of several parts incl. books, videos, exhibitions, websites, glossaries etc.

Fax from the Library (since 2013)

Fax from the Library, two one-channel-videos, 2015 each 6:37 min; 16:9; full HDFrax from the Library, Projektraum Fotografie Dortmund, 2015


Time and Sequence is something we are very interested in when thinking about photograp

June 2020

Alessandro Calandra, photobook addicted

Alessandro Calandra

As a photobbok addicted, web surfer and collector of beautiful spreads on his facebook account, Alessandro decided to answer just to our last question and to consider his facebook account as a project. As it is a link, we'll share also the books he suggested as links from different sources.

Thinking about Warburg's 'good neighborhood rule', what are the books that underpin your project?