June 2020

Luca Galofaro, architect and educator

An Atlas of imagination, by Luca Galofaro, DAMDI publisher, Seoul 2015

The object of Luca Galofaro’s research is the relationship between images and architecture.

Before beginning my university degrees I started doing some photomontage in order to put together an illustrated text through which I could ponder on the Form I would use to represent the human being in the outer space. Drawing architecture in an

June 2020

Nicolò Degiorgis, photographer and visual artist

The Long 19th Century Digested Vol. I and II

Focused on Art, photography, publishing, the main objects of his research are social phenomena at large, boarder regions, minority comminities, migrational movements, racial intollerance, islamophobia, nationalism, institutional critique, among others. Long term projects stemming out of personal experiences are a constant in his work. He doesn’t know about Aby Warburg's work until this call.


June 2020

Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza, artist

Un certo Salvatore M., published by Pneumatica, 2019

Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza objects of research are visual language in photography and social photographic practice.

The book Un certo Salvatore M. presents a collection of portraits of an Italian State employee. Over the years and many times a year, Salvatore M. asked his wife to take his portrait, and, as it appears, the purpose of t

June 2020

Janine Sack, publisher and designer

Chinese Weave, by Regine Steenbock, e-published by Eeclectic, printed version published by Textem Verlag, Hamburg, 2020

Chinese Weave is a photography book by Regine Steenbock, an artist and fashion designer who travels and engages in research. We follow her gaze on a country that in the so-called West is permanently present as a myth, a politically dubious player, and an economic threat. At the same time, China seems unfamiliar and

June 2020

Valentina Vannicola, photographer

Eravamo terraferma, 2018

Eravamo terraferma revolves around a small community of people living on an Adriatic Sea island, which belonged to the former Yugoslavia, and is today part of Croatia. The island is part of a now-dismissed area owned by Star Oil, a company flourished during Tito’s rule which was abandoned soon after his death and at the outbreak of war in the Balkans in the 1990s. The Star Oil

June 2020

Origini edizioni, publisher

Valentino Barachini, SEMI, photobook published by Origini edizioni, 2019

Origini edizioni is focused on photography, poetry/literature and painting. Each book from Origini is an organic work: every element has a reason to exist in its own ecosystem. They consider their works like living organisms: each is made of organs, tissues, memories, bits of emotions, members and this complexity is the character of the object-organism, as a person. Th