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February 2020

Presentation Saturday February 8th, 19 pm- 22 pm,

vialattea by Ilias Georgiadis

5 Variations around the Earth

After the presentation of the first 2 books of the series, Blanco, by Elton Gllava and Finisterrae, by Michele Palazzi, Leporello and Origini presents their third publication: vialattea, by Ilias Georgiadis

“My remains pass by And I see the stars It’s just the smell Of soil and iron that make

– the sea calms me down, at night Those days melted Like the sun At the peak of its enjoyment

coffee grounds exploded in my hand Like tiny minute places dreamed as real Or like turf, never seen.”

On the occasion of the book presentation, and until February 21st, there will be a special exhibtionof Ilias Georgiadis photos, in collaboration with Interzone gallery.

Born in 1990 in northern Greece, Ilias started experimenting with the photographic medium at the age of 19. After extensive travels in 2011, he stops his university studies and starts making pictures in an obsessive way.

Leporello and Origini Edizioni consists in the publication of 5 books, 5 small universes rotating, each in its own peculiar way, on the call’s theme, the Earth.

Stay tuned for the last 2 publications, involving Ogulcan Arslan and Valentina Abenavoli

See you in Leporello!

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19 pm- 22 pm

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma