July 2021

Presentation Wednesday July 21st,

PANDEMIC POSTCARDS a project by Nicola Bertasi curated by Valeria Ribaldi graphic design: Francesca Todde / Départ pour l’Image

In the first period of confinement due to Covid-19, the photographer Nicola Bertasi, during his research, came across an American public photographic archive in which he found evidence of significant moments of the Spanish flu of 1918-19 in the United States. As in a clouded and confused dream, those images of the early 1900s populated by figures with masks, signs with prohibitions and makeshift hospitals, were mixed and superimposed not only wit

June 2021

From 23 June to 15 July,

In our shop window: a selection of Simon Boudvin’s publications on display

Simon Boudvin studied at the Beaux-Arts de Paris in the studio of Giuseppe Penone and at the Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture. He has been teaching since 2007 in various institutions and currently at the École nationale supérieure de paysage. His work emerges at the crossroads of these different fields, attentive to the mutations of the territories he travels through. He sometimes proceeds to their detailed survey, sometimes to their reconstruction, to the exercis

June 2021

#LeporellowednesdaytakeoverPresentation Instagram takeover Wednesday 23 June - Presentation Thursday 24 June, 7 pm,

Antonio Faccilongo, Habibi published by FotoEvidence

HABIBI is the chronicle of a love story set in one of the longest and most complicated contemporary conflicts, the Israeli-Palestinian war.Antonio Faccilongo has been following for a long time some Palestinian families where men serve long sentences in Israeli prisons, families who smuggle sperm and use in vitro fertilization to have children. Most of the media portrays Palestine as a war zone. HABIBI takes a purely humanistic approach t

June 2021

Exhibition Opening Wednesday 16 June, 4-8 pm,

Carlos Lalvay Estrada (PICA) – 6.45

Time to take a trainTime for an appointmentThe time of a sunset or sunrise (depending on the season)Time to tell yourself how much you careTime for a hugTime to go outTime for a protest songThe exposure time for a cyanotype 6.45 stands for 6 minutes and 45 seconds, the exposure time that is used for this series of cyanotypes.The sheet is impregnated with a photosensitive solution to iron salts with a brush, through quick

June 2021

Until June 19th,

In Leporello’s shop window Foxcraft and the Leporello book format: a selection of publications from the bookshop and of Foxcraft projects inspired by this magic format.

Waiting to be able to return to collaborate at full speed with our friend Foxcraft, returning to host her binding workshops, we enjoy in our shopwindow some of her most beautiful creations associated with her favorite leporellos from Leporello. * * *

June 2021

Presentation Wednesday 9 June,

A good afternoon devoted to Edizioni del Frisco Fenomenologia dell’editoria Indipendente by Francesco Ciaponi and the magazine Friscospeaks edited by Francesco Ciaponi

Fenomenologia dell’editoria indipendente:un’analisi storica della stampa libera dal Novecento a oggi  There are many histories of publishing, but there is no comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon we call independent publishing, the unmediated and completely free representation on paper of the history and cultural movements that have come down to us since the early twentieth century.From the magazines of the artistic avant-garde, to the clandestine adventures that courageously fo