December 2020

Exhibition Tuesday December 15th, 4-8 pm,

Platero y yo, ELSE edizioni

Platero is small, hairy, sweet: so soft on the outside that it seems all cotton, without bones. Only the mica mirrors in his eyes are hard as two black glass beetles. […] With these words Juan Ramón Jiménez introduces Platero to the reader.In the background, the Andalusian countryside and nature, in the foreground there is the donkey Platero, the deep friendship and equal relationship that binds him to the child poet,

December 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover Saturday December 5th,

Saul Marcadent, Publishing as Curating

A Magazine, Dutch, joe’s, Purple, Self Service, Six and Visionaire are some of the magazines on which the book focuses in order to investigate the functioning of niche periodicals founded by groups of people who have cultivated a collaborative dimension and chosen to carry out experiments in the two-dimensional space of the page. Magazines seen as places of inquiry, means for presenting the discourse of fashion and nurturing it through the languages o

December 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover From Monday December 7th to Saturday December 12th ,

The “language of birds” and other animal stories, from a takeover with Zaziedogzine

There are various traditions speaking of a mysterious language called the "language of birds", a perfect or divine language that put these animals, inhabitants of the skies, in contact with the absolute, or even more with an originary state of nature. It seems that Adam and Eve spoke the language of animals and plants, but that after the infamous original sin they no longer remember a word. For us, the language of animals pa

November 2020

#LeporellowednesdaytakeoverExhibition Wednesday November 25th and Thursday November 26th, 4-8 pm,

Blue of Matteo Natalucci and Luca Santini

Emilia Romagna is a flat region in northern Italy, where most of the Italian excellences of salami and cheeses famous all over the world come from. 8,704,544 is the number of pigs present in June 2018 in Italian farms, of which almost 40% only in Emilia Romagna. These animals are sent to the slaughterhouse when they reach 100/150 kg in about 8/12 months, with an average growth of about 700 grams per day thanks to enriched soy-based feed.

November 2020

#LeporellowednesdaytakeoverPresentation Friday November 27th e Saturday November 28th , 4-8 pm,

Velvet by Marco Petrella

The work we will be presenting at Leporello was originally a 2.60 meters Moleskine illustrated on commission. Its theme is the story of the first years of The Velvet Underground's career (and art), under the aegis of Andy Warhol. 50 copies have been printed from the original Moleskine, numbered and made unique by an original drawing on the white cover, different for each copy, done with colored pencils, ink and colored nets, signed by the auth

November 2020

Through the book(s) Saturday November 21st, 16-20,

Copy, Tweak, Paste

From Saturday November 21st to Saturday December 12th, 4-8 pm; Book display inspired to Rob van Leijsen last publication Copy, Tweak, Paste: Methods of Appropriation in Re-enacted Artists’ Books and presentation of the books published by èditions clinamen. On Saturday November 21st, on the occasion of the display’s first day Roxane Bovet, éditions clinamen, will spend the afternoon  with us in Leporello, while Rob will be available onlin