November 2020


Wednesday 11th e Saturday 14th of November, Francesca Cao, Temporary Life

The earthquakes have opened some tears in the fragile geological and social fabric of Italy; tears often never mended, which have left deep traces on the territory. After the earthquake that hit Abruzzo in 2009, the photographer Francesca Cao started a project of ‘mapping’ of the country, in search of the residues of the past earthquakes: of emergency architectures, and of all the attempted and failed reconstructions. Elements that have marked the post-seismic landscape also in

October 2020


Mercoledì 4 e sabato 7 novembre, Francesca Leonardi, ‘O Post Mio

‘O Post Mio è un lavoro fotografico durato otto anni durante i quali Francesca Leonardi ha seguito la vita di Claudia che, insieme alle sue due figlie, ha occupato una casa al Parco Saraceno. Il Parco Saraceno si trova nel Villaggio Coppola, a Castel Volturno, vicino Napoli. Negli anni 60, quando il Villaggio Coppola fu costruito, distruggendo una ricca pineta mediterranea, era il più grande agglomerato urbano abusivo d’Europa. Attraverso l

October 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover Wednesday October 28th,

Ditroit, Ten Years Book

One decade after founding Ditroit, its creative director Salvo Giunta together with all his crew, past and present, decided to go down the memory lane and reminisce the most relevant moments to their growth, both on a human and on a professional level. This book is about what a design studio goes through in its first years of life and it includes testimonies by Ditroit's members and collaborators, as well as many pictures, stor

October 2020

Tuesday, October 20th, 6.30 pm,

LOOK BOOK goes to Leporello! Round table with Giuseppe Garrera and Giulia Franchi, Laboratorio d’arte di Palazzo delle Esposizioni, about kid’s photobooks

On the occasion LOOK BOOK, Leporello hosts a round table devoted to a selection of kid's photobooks. Giulia Franchi and Giuseppe Garrera brings 5 photobooks each, an occasion to talk about the ongoing exhibition in Cisterna di Latina. Vista la situazione, abbiamo deciso di fare un incontro che andrà in diretta su facebook e instagram. Se passate da Leporello, abbiate un po' di pazienza, gli ingressi sono putroppo contingentati. Considered the situation, we decided

October 2020

Exhibition 15th October, 4 - 8 pm,

FUNZILLA EXPO Rome Pandemic Photozine Edition 2020

As a consequence of the health situation and in view of adhering to current regulations, Funzilla Fest, the festival exclusively dedicated to photographic fanzines, this year will have a fresh new look: from an independent publishing fair, as it was in its four previous editions, it turns to a widespread exhibition throughout the territory of Rome. A network of spaces will host a Funzilla Corner from 15 October to 19 November:bookshops, photography schools, cultural associations of

October 2020

Exhibition October 14th, 4 - 9 pm,

Are you happy?, by Göran Gnaudschun, opening and book presentation. With Göran Gnaudschun and Emilia Giorgi

The exhibition will be held in and out Leporello space, so to activate a productive dialogue with the neighbourhood and will be open until November 14th. During the inauguration, before sunset, there will be a presentation by Emilia Giorgi and a brief visit to the outdoor exhibition with Göran Gnaudschun. Göran Gnaudschun is interested in people and the life situations in which they find themselves: whether they concern social flashpoints su