April 2020

Through the book(s) on the web #1

One book a day takes (whatever you want) away

During this period we thought that nothing would have been better to start a series of non-events related to specific selections of books, starting with a collection curated with Eleuthera editorial staff and insipired by the volume Lezioni di Anarchia, published together with Emergenze Publishing and presented some time ago in Leporello with the fabulous Antonio Brizioli of Edicola 518.

A series of authors, starting right from Francesco Codello, who write about libertar

March 2020

Friday March 6th, 7-9 pm,

Natasha Christia, Reinventing the (photo)book An expanded narrative through personal research diaries and curatorial projects

The talk will tackle the (photo)book as a field of intervention. Departing from Natasha Christia’s research diaries and a handful of personal curatorial projects produced in the course of the last five years, it will offer an expanded narrative on her personal relation to (photo)books. More to this, it will illustrate how this relation has grown into an autonomous whole, and how it has fuelled her curatorial practice, enriching and subverting

March 2020

Presentation Tuesday March 3rd, 7 pm,

Second issue of Quanto.

Quanto 2 title is “The Big Mouth that devours everything, even itself”.

It is a narrative re-edit of the Phd thesis of French anthropologist Raymond D. Berger: an ethnography of the Bintù people, a community of hunters-gatherers from Eastern Congo, whose beliefs system was shaken by the crash of a plane in the woods next to their village in 1994. The cargo contained Coca-cola cans and VHS tapes in which the village shaman thou

February 2020

ExhibitionPresentation Wednesday February 26th, 7pm - 10pm,

A Swimming Pool, by Michele Tagliaferri. Exhibition Opening and Book Presentation

In keeping with the poetics of his previous works, in A Swimming Pool, Tagliaferri immerses us in his love–hate relationship with routine: on the one hand, he attempts to escape from it, but on the other, he is aware of his need for it and thus seeks the pleasure of daily life.Throughout all seven chapters of the book, we experience pleasure similar to that of simple common rituals, recognising the repetitions and

February 2020

Sunday February 23th, 6 pm,

Vernissage of the exhibition The Iceberg, by Giorgio Di Noto

February 2020

Presentation Wednesday February 19th, 7 pm,

Giancarlo De Carlo: l’architetto di Urbino, book published by

Giancarlo De Carlo: l'architetto di Urbino is the result of a research coordinated by Emanuele Piccardo together with Gianluca Annibali, Franco Bunčuga, Laura Baratin, Andrea Canziani, Lorenza Comino, Alice Devecchi, Francesca Gasparetto, Lorenzo Mingardi, Marco Scarpinato and Andrea Vergano. Carlo Bo, Rector of Università degli Studi di Urbino, involve Giancarlo De Carlo in designing the faculty seats in the Renaissance buildings. De Carlo expands his activity with the project of the first Urb