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January 2020

Workshop Saturday January 25th, 10 am- 6 pm,

Foxcraft: making books II – create books with folds

Making books is a workshop focused on the craft of bookbinding. The meetings want to convey how to make a manufacture independently,  both theoretically and practically.

During the second workshop we'll make books without needle and thread but using folds, creasings and cut. In the theoretical part we'll examine tools, materials and different study cases. In the second part we'll create different booklets can serve many purpose. Next workshops:-

January 2020

Presentation Wednesday January 22nd, 7 pm,

IFIX project

IFIX is a visual communication studio devoted to graphic design, illustration and editorial design.From 2010 it edits and publishes  the book-magazine of stories and illustrations WATT- • senza alternativa . In 2012 they opened the bookshop Scripta Manent, with a great selection of selfproductions: SCANNER.From 2014 they publish the magazine B comics Fucilate a strisce, curated by Maurizio Ceccato. In 2016 they founded  Juvenilia, curated by Lina Monaco and

January 2020

Presentation Friday January 17th, 7 pm,

TRABAJOS/WORKS 02-20, by José Guerrero

José Guerrero, in dialogue with Fabio Severo, will talk about his book Trabajos/Works 02-20 published by University of Cordoba and RM publisher. The book collects Guerrero's activity through his photographic series.

José Guerrero (Granada 1979) lives and works in Madrid and Rome. He studied technical architecture and then  started focussing on photography.His works is about the landscape's representation and  our perception of it. 


January 2020

Presentation Monday January 13rd, 6 pm,


Talk with the author and Giuseppe De Mattia, moderated by Vasco Forconi.

ISFCI, in collaboration with Johan & Levi Editore, opens the series of lectures of Visual Art 2020 with book presentation of  Il capitale ignorante by Marco Meneguzzo.

During the presentation Marco Meneguzzo and artits Giuseppe De Mattia will talk about the main aspects of the book and the

December 2019

Presentation Friday, December 20th, 7 pm,

Libri Finti Clandestini

Libri Finti Clandestini is an experimental project based on the concept of recycle, in relation with design and publishing. Its aim is to create real book just using paper that people consider to be rubbish: paper coming from paper mills, found in abandoned buildings, letterpress printing proofs and more... Indeed, dedicating a lot of time and attention to researching materials and working on ideas, the project concerns the creation of books and sketchbooks (patiently ass

December 2019

Exhibition Wednesday 11th December, 7 pm,

FRANTIC by Michela Palermo, opening exhibition

Michela Palermo's work is related to the process of creating artist books and fanzines with her photographic archive, where images acquire meanings in the relationship she creates though the medium of the book. Her visual research takes shapes into the definition of a form - the page - and of a color - the grain of black and white - able to give back her inner landscapes and dreamlike visions.

With the new collaboration with BACO about photographs,