February 2020

Presentation Thursday February 13th, 19 pm - 22 pm,

Un certo Salvatore M, by Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza

The book presents almost in its entirety a private archive of photographs of Salvatore M.’s widow. This man was an employee at the Minsitry of Home Affairs in Rome. Most of these family photos show the civil servant in individual portraits. The idea to make a book about this archive replies to the necessity to understand the relationship between social persona sand private life, how photographic utterances are presented and how they are

February 2020

Presentation Saturday February 8th, 19 pm- 22 pm,

vialattea by Ilias Georgiadis

5 Variations around the Earth

After the presentation of the first 2 books of the series, Blanco, by Elton Gllava and Finisterrae, by Michele Palazzi, Leporello and Origini presents their third publication: vialattea, by Ilias Georgiadis

"My remains pass by And I see the stars It’s just the smell Of soil and iron that make

- the sea calms me down, at night Those days melted Like the sun At

February 2020

Presentation Wednesday February 5th, 7 pm,

Lezioni di Anarchia, curated by Antonio Brizioli

During the presention, Antonio Brizioli will talk about Lezioni di Anarchia, a project started from different meetings place in front of Edicola 518.Edicola 518 is a news-stand in the historic centre of Perugia. It provides an international books selection, especially about art, design, architecture, philosophy, food and anarchy.

January 2020

On the road From January 25th to February 2nd,


On the occasion of Gabriele Basilico's show, METROPOLI, curated by Giovanna Calvenzi and Filippo Maggia (Januart 25th- April 13th, Palazzo delle Esposizoni presents LA DEMOCRAZIA DELLO SGUARDO, a series of meetings devoted to photography and curated by Marco Berti and Francesca Pappalardo, (Azienda Speciale  Palaexpo)  in collaboration with Chiara Capodici, Leporello and the support of Niccolò Fano and Alessandro Imbriaco.The meetings include conversations about photography; documentaries; working groups;

January 2020

On the road From January 24th to January 26th,

Alumni & Friends, Villa Massimo at KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Leporello presents a selection of Italian photobooks.

On the occasion of the exhibition of Villa Massimo German Academy in Rome fellows Leporello presents a series of Italian publications, taking inspiration from the work presented by Erik Göngrich in our bookshop.Works on Rome and on the cities, related to our wounded landscape and to the history of typography.Moreover, there will be a series of books printed in silkscren by

January 2020

Workshop Saturday January 25th, 10 am- 6 pm,

Foxcraft: making books II – create books with folds

Making books is a workshop focused on the craft of bookbinding. The meetings want to convey how to make a manufacture independently,  both theoretically and practically.

During the second workshop we'll make books without needle and thread but using folds, creasings and cut. In the theoretical part we'll examine tools, materials and different study cases. In the second part we'll create different booklets can serve many purpose. Next workshops:-