September 2020

Presentation Thursday October 1st, 6:30 pm,

Journeyman, di Rodrigo Valenzuela, Mousse Publishing, with Valerio Di Lucente Studio Julia

Journeyman is the new book by Rodrigo Valenzuela published by Mousse Publishing. We'll talk about it with author and Valerio Di Lucente of Studio Julia that has design the book. In all his work, Rodrigo Valenzuela positions contemporary art as an uprooting of superficial politics. If picturing ruins is as old as photography, then its many incarnations across the political spectrum are a starting point for the artist. Much of Valenzuela’s work call

September 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover Wednesday September 30th,

Alessandro Dandini de Sylva, LOOKBOOK

In this takeover Alessandro Dandini de Sylva gives us a glimpse at what they're preparing for LOOK BOOK. LOOK BOOK is not only a bibliographic exhibition and a temporary library but also a series of lectures with curators and scholars and workshops for kids. The exhibition constists in a series of displays of photobooks for kids and not only.  A bibliographic exhibition designed to bring users closer to photographic culture, through a survey of

September 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover Wednesday September 23rd,

Luca Santese and Marco P. Valli, The Captain’s body

In 2018, photographers Luca Santese and Marco P. Valli documented the birth of the so-called Third Republic in a critical and satirical way. After the end of the First Conte Government, their research focused on Matteo Salvini - the political leader of the Italian Lega - and center-right forces. His voters call him “The Captain”. Salvini’s propaganda style is highly

September 2020

Presentation Wednesday 16th September 6:30 pm,

Witty Books with Tommaso Parrillo

Witty Books was founded in 2012 with the name of Witty Kiwi, it's an independent publishing house that aims to promote contemporary photography and visual art. Tommaso Perillo will talk about the books that his publishing house put out though the years, a good opportunity to discover and browse together. We are trying to organize an outdoor presentation, otherwise the entrances will be limited and it will still be possible to see the pres

September 2020

Exhibition Wednesday September 9th, 4-8 pm,

Riscatti. Archivio romantico delle foto perdute, curated byRVM HUB and Ivana Marrone.

"One day in October, some years ago, Ivana Marrone purchased a bunch of old amateur family pictures at an antiques market. After a while, these photographs – whose number has grown – left the box in which they were stored, to travel into the hands of writers, songwriters, journalists and cultural events organizers, coming back home, eventually, with a new story tailored upon them, a new life. Here they are, the Riscatti." Riscatti. Archivio romantico dell

July 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover Wednesday July 22nd,

ATTO, visual design and communication studio

"The focus of our takeover will be the self-initiated projects, a subject and a practice we really take care about, because it makes us free to experiment and to find new solutions which could be used also in our regular work with clients. The Instagram feed will be composed by a triptych of our recent and less recent self-productions. In the Instagram stories we will set up a real challenge against the time: realize a se