Daniel Tummolillo, V.I.P. Various Italian Printmakers, 2021

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V.I.P. it is not just a book or simply an editorial project, it is and has been a sort of bet, of commitment, of recognition towards those who, every day more or less quietly, pursue an ideal, a dream, a work that is art, ” living matter ”something that is still done“ by getting one’s hands dirty ”. This text, therefore, is a form of redemption, a showcase on the world of Italian screen printing that places in the foreground: artists, printers and art printing workshops who use screen printing as their means of expression. The intent is to make known not so much the technical development of this art but the soul, creativity, names and places that make it so by focusing on its practical aspect. Leafing through these pages, the reader will be able to approach a reality as fascinating as it is hidden; made up of research, experimentation, self-production and craftsmanship; it can range from green or social realities to the most sought after Rock Poster Art or author’s print.

Daniel Tummolillo, V.I.P. Various Italian Printmakers

Edizioni del Frisco, 2021

16,5 x 24 cm cm

232 pages



ISBN 9791220078108

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