Elisa Abela, 23 Drawings For Adults Only, 2021

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How are children born? How do drawings come about?
How are bodies reproduced graphically, and how do humans and other animals mate?
Elisa Abela plays at superimposing the questions of life and art, at combining great existential questions and occasional riddles, but also at declining with childish language the contents that adults reserve for themselves.
23 Drawings For Adults Only is a catalog of snapshots, scribbles made with pencil or wax colors, impressed on paper without a pre-established project: twenty-three sheets born loose and then collected in a notebook with a spiral binding: an album of innocent thoughts, dirty visions, about how we are made.

Elisa Abela, 23 Drawings For Adults Only
S.T. editions, 2021
Edition of 250
Drawings by Elisa Abela
Editing by Matteo Di Castro
Design by Francesca Crisafulli
Printed by Tipolitografia 5M
Red metal spiral binding on short side
17 x 24 cm
26 pages, rounded corners
Offset printing
Last page in gray pressed cardboard, with stamp of S.T. Editions
COD: 2104071221