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Jan Dirk Van Der Burgh, AFTER MANDELA, 2013

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In 1991 the city of Zoetermeer built a tubular bridge across highway A12 in the city colours yellow and blue to connect the centre with new housing estates at the edge of the city, the Nelson Mandela bridge. Zoetermeer is not the only Dutch city to have a place named after Mandela. Apparently, other than members of the Royal family there is no person alive who has so many places devoted to him. Together with Stefanie Grätz, Jan Dirk van der Burg set out to capture an image of each street, lane, square, park, bridge and school in the Netherlands named after Mandela in order to map the Dutch tribute to the first black president of South Africa.

Jan Dirk van der Burgh, After Mandela
Post Editions

2013 , First edition

22 x 30 cm
60 pages, b/w and color ill, softcover

ISBN 9789460830716

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