Albarrán Cabrera, Des oiseaux, 2020

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The poetic universe of the Spanish photographic duo Albarrán Cabrera is presented here on a dreamlike journey to the land of birds. Between reality and illusion, the image questions our relationship to the tangible world and becomes a sensitive vibration over the various chromatic nuances and photographic processes: platinum print, palladium print, cyanotype, gelatin silver, pigment print… Each image is like a stopped story . The birds seem straight out of fantastic tales; they fly over shimmering surfaces, disperse among dark foliage while certain tight frames emphasize their physical presence. Birds become almost abstract sometimes represented by dots or shadows. Albarrán Cabrera leave the interpretation of their images in the memory of the viewer to let our imagination fly.

This book is part of the Birds collection which celebrates, through the eyes of various artists, their immense presence in a world where they are today weakened. Ornithologist Guilhem Lesaffre offers a unique essay to accompany each set of photographs. For this book, he is interested in the different habitats of birds and their ability to adapt to their environment, whether it is celestial, marine or in the heights.

Albarrán Cabrera, Des oiseaux

Book of the Bird Collection

Atelier Èditions Xavier Barral, 2020

Text by Guilhem Lesaffre

20,5 x 26 cm

96 pages, 45 color images


Limited Edition with available print

ISBN 9782365112604


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