A.A.V.V., ALEA – 1 / Materia, 2021

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Matter has always constituted itself as a fascinating and seductive enigma for every human society. After all, it is through materiality that man experiences both his condition as a body among bodies and his historical and cultural power. And if it is true that over time other dimensions have been imagined that are capable of escaping the material ballast of reality – extra-corporeal worlds of pure ideas, translucent spirits and diaphanous entities -, on the other hand, matter has never lost its function as a limit to be thought about, investigated and challenged. The human is constantly intertwined with the material: objects, constructions, landscapes and atmospheres mingle with our existences and act on our stories in unpredictable and enigmatic ways. In the knots of the material we thus find traces of different ways of human existence, fragments of lives, cultures and events. Fragments of space and time that bind and unbind without interruption.

Abstracts: Mauro Van Aken , The climate as hyper-object, Elena Bougleux, Ozone-cene, uv-cene et al.

Contributions by: Nives Ladina, Chiara Tonon, Luigi Monteanni, Elisa Gosso, Valeria Roberto, Matteo Petracci, Sofia Nannini, Diego Sbriglia, Giada Coleandro, Mauro Ivo Van Aken, Elena Bougleux, Luca Petrassi.

Alea is an independent publishing project founded in 2020. The magazine aims to measure itself against the nuanced and complex rhythms of contemporaneity, through a polyphonic and multidisciplinary narrative.

Each issue is oriented by a broad thematic framework, the interpretation of which is entrusted to the individual contributions selected by the editorial board.

Within the pages of Alea, anthropological ethnography lends itself to novel and fascinating encounters – or disencounters – with a wide variety of disciplines, visions and artistic practices. Readers are given a challenge that is as provocative as it is risky: to attempt to recompose a possible narrative plot.






Alea, 2021

Editorial Director: Francesco Danesi della Sala.
Graphic design: Diego Oberti, Francesco Danesi della Sala.
Editorial board: Pierluigi Bizzini, Maria Elena Lopatriello, Pasquale Menditto, Silvia Pizzirani, Stefania Zanetti.
Coordinator: Alice Gattari.
Communication: Bernardo D’Ortenzio.

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Dimensions: 24×16.5cm

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