Paolo Pellegrin, ALPS – AOSTA VALLEY, 2019

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The work of Paolo Pellegrin is part of the exhibition “Montagne of Magnum Photographers”, the result of a co-production between Forte di Bard and Magnum Photos Paris.
Images concern to Mont Blanc and its glaciers. To take the photos Pellegrin had to go over and over again, looking for those lights that he prefers.

“The images that Paolo has drawn from his journey in the mountains, and which he proposes with delicacy but sometimes also with violence to the public, arouse feelings of amazement among those who have never traveled the mountain and for whom the knowledge of the peaks is that of their own imaginary, but they are equally surprising among those who have direct knowledge of the land. ” (Pietro Giglio)

A contemporary and more up-to-date view of Mont Blanc and current climate changes.

Paolo Pellegrin
Forte di Bard
2019, first edition
Signed copy

28 pages; 48 x 33 cm folded, 96 x 66 cm unfolded

Editing Annalisa D’Angelo
Texts Pietro Giglio
Design Etaoin Shrdlu Studio
Printing Fontegrafica
Paper Munken Print White 18, Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black
Italian, English
Copyright © Forte di Bard editore, Paolo Pellegrin / Magnum Photos, 2019

ISBN 978-88-941814-7-0

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