Luca Nostri, Anselmo, 2020

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The Anselmo series, by Luca Our, shows us an elderly man (the author’s grandfather), who lives in a rural area, intent on inventing unusual instruments, the use of which is not very clear, but made with imagination, recovering materials and gadgets from disused or broken tools. It is not uncommon to come across elderly individuals who, especially in the countryside, have this attitude, which is the attitude of the farmer to “not throw anything away” and the ingenuity of the inventor who knows how to reuse what is useless.

Luca Nostri, Anselmo

Linea di Confine, 2020

Text by D. Chandler and W. Guerrieri

Design by Filippo Nostri

24,5 x 29 cm

88 pages


ISBN 978-88-88382-30-2