Valentina Zucchi and Viola Niccolai, BLU, 2017

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For the calm strength and depth of emotions it conveys, it is the favorite color of most human beings. It is the color of the sea and the sky, and for this reason it has always been the symbol of spirituality and nobility of soul and rank. But blue is also the color of melancholy and of the night, the gateway to unknown dimensions. Loved by all artists, we find it in the Piccole storie di colori, created in collaboration with the Civic Museums of Florence, told by Valentina Zucchi and Viola Niccolai through the works of Giotto, Dürer, Canaletto, Picasso, Kandinskij, Yves Klein and other great ones.

Valentina Zucchi and Viola Niccolai, Blu

Topipittori, 2017

22 x 32 cm

32 pages

Italian, English

ISBN 9788898523696