Kurt E. Schweighardt, Camminare sul fuoco. L’esperienza che trasforma, 1987

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On the evening of December 1, 1985, at about eight o’clock, twelve million Italians, nailed in front of the television screen, watched the popular television presenter Mino Damato, while he walked on a carpet of burning embers four meters long. Despite the insistent warnings of doctors and scientists, who predicted very serious burns. Damato – as announced by Dr. Kurt E. Schweighardt, who had guided him during the experiment – remained perfectly unharmed. Even today there is no scientific explanation for the fact that a mental preparation for this shocking experience, acquired with the help of an expert, allows one to walk on hot coals at a temperature of 700-900 degrees without suffering any damage. But a look at history shows us that there have always been people who have made the impossible possible by the power of their spirit. Thousands of people in the United States and now also in Europe have already experienced this power of the spirit on their bodies: without suffering the slightest burn, they have walked on a carpet of burning coals. The pages of this book offer a wealth of examples and show how the power of faith has guided these people and brought them unharmed. The pages of this book offer many examples and show how the power of faith has guided these people through the coals unharmed and changed their lives; stimulated by this “initial charge” they were able to solve personal and professional problems that, until then, seemed insoluble. The author proposes relaxation methods of proven effectiveness (such as breathing and Buddhist meditation and autogenic training) as well as the programming of success, which together serve to achieve the same goal: the activation and full expression of the power of faith.

Camminare sul Fuoco, L’esperienza che trasforma

Edizioni mediterranee

118 pages


195 g 15,5x21cm

ISBN: 8827209131