A.A.V.V., Corale Preci. Un libro, 2021

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Corale, now a cultural association, began its activity in 2017 as an informal group operating in the Preci area since after the 2016 Amatrice earthquake, with the support of the Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria and the support of the Preci municipality.

Preci is the other protagonist of this story. A town in Umbria, at the gateway to the Monti Sibillini Park and on the border with Marche. Some 15 hamlets are united under the name ‘Preci’, but it is Preci Alta that was considered a red zone following the Amatrice earthquake of August and then October 2016.

Choral Preci. A book recounts, with different visual languages and in several voices, the years spent working together with the citizens – 5 since the project began – first as temporary inhabitants and finally choosing to stay there again, making a big gesture and deciding to buy a plot of land and a house to become citizens in their own right. The theme of living, of how to live – precisely in a place devastated by earthquake and disrupted by change – is just one of the themes that is explored in the essays written by the Choral group. It is made up of artists*, actors and actresses, directors*, architects*, dancers and cultural planners*: Carolina Balucani, Michele Bandini, Angelo Carchidi, Leonardo Delogu, Hélène Gautier, Ettore Guerriero, Alberto Marzo, Daria Menichetti, Serena Olcuire, Maël Veisse.









Zic Zic, 2021

196 pages

13 x 25.5 cm

offset printing: four-colour interior + black + blue and ochre

Papers used Burgo Ecotecno Plus 115 gsm, Eural Offset 115 gsm, Fedrigoni Sirio Color Perla 115 gsm
on cover Fedrigoni Sirio Color Perla 290 gr

ISBN 978-88-31434-01-0

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