Gianfranco Vacani , Cortina de fumaça

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Strange weather, clouds over the future and many people getting out of their cars to show us direct fascism without realising what they are doing, or being afraid to do so. Gian really knows what he is photographing, he listens to his bicycle and walks around the neighbourhoods to see what they will show him. He has a direction and an eye for light and brings out the ‘cliché’ of the street, of abandoned buildings, in his photographic research. He has a natural flow from one photo to the next, and connects with a style of his own, which is brilliant and valuable. We imagine that it is not possible to remove the smokescreen under which we live, to take people off the streets, to create new housing in abandoned buildings, but it is possible to move through the problems and reflect on what they are doing, on the social rights that are so far out of our hands. A truth that, printed here, makes us want to leave where we are and leave our comfort zone.

Cortina de fumaça, Gianfranco Vacani

Club del Prado

68 pagine

18,5 x 26 cm