Paul Cox, Design & Art, 2019

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From cultural posters for the municipality of Paris to advertising campaigns for Japanese railways, passing through books, paintings, sets and games: Design & Art proposes a journey through Paul Cox’s works, discovering a language in which painting and graphics meet in new ways. Published for the first time in Japan, the book develops like a rich catalog where the comment is entrusted to the transcripts of the artist’s conversations with the publisher Takumi Hasegawa: short texts accompanying the works she selected, clarify some more technical aspects of Cox’s work and reflect on his inspirations. Among photographs, notes and colors, Design & Art also tells the behind the scenes of the artist’s work, allowing us to leaf through his notebooks and observe the different techniques experimented, from linocut to stencil, and also opening up to the more personal dimension. Cox thus accompanies us among the most beloved books in his library and his violins, shares memories and moments that have marked his training, opens the doors of his ateliers to us readers.

Paul Cox, Design & Art

Corraini, 2019

First edition

18,2 x 25,7 cm

228 pages

Flexible cover



ISBN 9788875708191