Bruno Munari, Disegnare il sole, 2004

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“The sunset and the sunrise are the front and the back of the same phenomenon: while we who are on this side watch the sunset, those who are on the other side see the sunrise.” Thus Bruno Munari in Drawing the Sun, collects some of the drawings of the sun that seem to have been made by children, together with lithographs, paintings, drawings and artist’s frescoes, in an overview that wants to tell what the sun is, in the infinite ways in which it can be seen and interpreted. It is part, together with other texts, of the Workshop series, which collects books that interpret the operation through different modalities: from the didactic path, to the explanatory handouts, to the poetic game with the idea of making adults and children, teachers and students, work together.

Disegnare il sole, Munari


14 x 21 cm

66 pages

Soft cover


ISBN 9788887942453