Valentino Barachini, DOMESTIC LANDSCAPES, 2018

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This book puts a point to the creative path of a life: the photographer reveals himself, shows his life, the everyday landscapes, the affections. Painting, photography, the handcraft ability, the sea, the town: everything is shown for the first time as a puzzle that builds day by day “the normal life” of a school teacher, an husband, a father, yet silently filled with creative vitality and feeling. Each of the 60 copies is different from the other: each one is a surprise. As the use of recovery paper that acquires such a new life. Domestic Landscapes is not just a photographic book: it is an artist’s book, which reveals for a moment all the poetry and the mystery of a hidden soul.

Domestic Landscapes, Valentino Barachini
Origini edizioni

2018, Prima edizione/100 copie

Fotografie a cura di Valentino Barachini
Testi a cura di Vittoria Laricchia, Massimiliano Barachini

28 x 32cm
56 pagine, 40 fotografie in bianco e nero, 4 fotografie a colori, libretto di 38 pagine
Lingua italiana, inglese

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