Maria-José Jongerius, EDGES OF THE EXPERIMENT, 2015

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Edges of the Experiment investigates the idyllic notion of the American landscape, showing which elements contribute to the iconic landscape, and at what cost they can be maintained. It describes the thin line between nature and civilisation. How did the landscape evolve, and where are the interfaces between the organic and the artificial world, and do they fail or succeed? Edges of the Experiment is a two-volume publication. Volume one shows over 60 photographs made over a period of ten years by Jongerius. Volume two is a collection of essays about the making of the American Landscape, with texts by Matthew Coolidge, William L. Fox, Hans Gremmen, Taco Hidde Bakker, Mark Pimlott, Warren Techentin, Raymond Frenken and others.

Marie-José Jongerius, Edges of the Experiment

2015, First edition
Design by Hans Gremmen

17 x 24 cm
340 pages, two soft-cover titles in slipcase

ISBN 978-94-90119-26-3

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