Gloria Maggioli, Erbario Letterario, 2019

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Erbario Letterario is a collection of plants and flowers made up of seven illustrations made with the woodcut technique. Each plant is associated with a piece of poetry or literature composed with the traditional lead characters. The images on the paper elevate the buds and leaves to a status of eternal flowering, creating a conceptual short circuit with the classic herbarium, a hymn to the eternal beauty of nature combined with the immortality of the writings of great authors.

Gloria Maggioli, Erbario Letterario

Archivio Tipografico, 2019

Edition of 100, numbered copies

Concept, illustrations and design by Gloria Maggioli and Atelier Lapis

Illustration printed with linocuts

Texts typeset in movable types printing by Archivio Tipografico

15.5 × 23 cm

16 pages