Lorenzo Castore, EWA & PIOTR, 2018

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Between 2007 and 2013, when Castore was living in Poland, he met an extravagant woman on the street. Even if they do not exchange a single word, the photographer is deeply impressed. When, thanks to a friend, he manages to track her, he discovers her terrible living conditions: Ewa and his brother Piotr live in a decrepit apartment located in a street of Krakow. Abandoned to themselves, alcoholics, without gas, without electricity, without hot water, Ewa and Piotr reveal their existence in fragments and let themselves be photographed gradually. Castore weaves his own photographs with images of the archive and family photos entrusted to him by his brother and sister. With her non-judgmental and poetic work, in which horror and beauty are so close, Castor encourages us to look at others without prejudice, without blinkers and without fear.

Lorenzo Castore, Ewa & Piotr
Les Editions Noir sur Blanc

2018, first edition

200 pages, 22 x 30,5 cm
92 black and white photos

ISBN 978-2-88250-506-4

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