Lorenzo Castore, Fièvre, 2024

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Fièvre is the eleventh book published by Lorenzo Castore. Fièvre takes shape from the desire of David Fourré – founder of éditions lamaindonne – and Caroline Benichou to share Castore’s approach to photography, which manifests itself in a very physical daily practice.

The publication comes to life through the dialogue between the three, which found an important source of inspiration from the visit of Fourré and Benichou to the exhibition at the Galerie Anne Clergue during the Rencontres d’Arles 2022, highlighting the traits that had most fascinated the interlocutors of the photographer: a constant tension between opposing forces that meet or clash, and a permeability to the world and to others, which over time brought them to find the title of the publication almost as a natural solution.

“The fever goes in every direction. – Castore writes in his interview with Benichou in the volume – It arises from the emotional involvement in my personal experience which is many things together… abandonment to sensual desire, need for intellectual and spiritual growth, attempt at a relationship with the other here and now and a tension towards the stars and infinite space. Fever feeds on curiosity, empathy and instinct but energy and abilities are limited. […] The moment I decide to represent something that something speaks to me, concerns me, resembles me, is made of the same substance as me. So, sure, this book is another attempt at a self-portrait.” – Lorenzo Castore

“The series of the Italian photographer Lorenzo Castore, created over the course of several years, focuses on emotional, personal and collective memory. Through his aesthetic and his desire to detach himself, his work is placed in the lineage of ‘trembling photography’, in continuity with the great names of photography such as Robert Frank. What is evoked here is what he calls his ‘sentimental education’ “. -Caroline Benichou

Lorenzo Castore, Fièvre

éditions lamaindonne, 2024

19.2 x 25.7 cm

134 pages, 60 black and white photographs

Paperback cover with flap and Swiss binding

ISBN 978-2-492920-08-0

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