AA VV, Friscospeaks n. 2, 2020

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In this issue:

– Art Frahm’s Women in Danger
– Mike Hynson: icon of Endless Summer and psychedelic standard bearer of Surf Culture
– POW WOW: Prisoners Of War – Waiting Of Winning
– Art Kunkin: the birth of the American underground press
– Mail Art
– McBess: the most rock’n’roll black and white of the graphic world
– In Orbit of Giampo Coppa
– The anathema of goodnight

AAVV, Friscospeaks anno I n. 2

Edizioni del Frisco, 2020

Editor Edizioni del Frisco, Concretipo Studio

Art director Francesco Ciaponi

21 x 14,5 cm

120 pages



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