Sergio Lovati, Gelo II, 2024

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Gelo I and II, Montagna and Incantamento are the first of a cycle of short books that arise from each other, independent but interconnected, and which take inspiration from the two contrasting places that define my life.


Gelo II arises from the structure and on the structure of Gelo, and accommodates images of Montagna.
Interior mingles with exterior, exit with entrance, image with word, certainty with doubt, looking with being looked at.


“To imagine the story as a blooming flower or a series of blossoming.”

“This book was written in offering to the book just out of reach – radiant, waiting.”

(Carole Maso, “Break Every Rule: Essays on Language, Longing, & Moments of Desire”)



Sergio Lovati, GELO II

Deserter’s Books, 2024

1° ed. – Edition of 30


40 pages.

Pigment ink printed


Three holes pamphlet binding.


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