Lawrence Weiner, Green as well as blue as well as red, 2012


Lawrence Weiner was one of seven artists included in the well-know publication/exhibition know familiarly as the Xerox book that was published in New York in 1968 by Seth Siegelaub and John W. (Jack) Wendell. This Xerox Book was one of the auguries of conceptual art. In the same year Siegelaub, with assistance from the Louise Kellner Foundation, published Weiner’s first artist book: Statement. A few years later, in 1971, Siegelaub’s erstwhile partner Jack Wendell left New York and moved to London. He soon presented his first exhibition, which took the form of a printed card by Lawrence Weiner, and by the beginning of the next year had his own exhibition space. In addition, in 1972, he published Weiner’s ninth artist book: GREEN AS WELL AS BLUE AS WELL AS RED.

Green as well as blue as well as red

Lawrence Weiner, Editions Zédélé, Brest, 2012

12 x 17 cm

96 pages, softcover


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