Yona Friedman, Hai un cane?, 2011

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“I know there are many books on dog training, their relationships with their owners and how we should behave with them. But I know, from personal experience, how difficult it is to train your owner. So I thiught that a manual of good manners dedicated to our owners was really useful” – Balkis Pastore-Dobermann.

This book has written and drawn cartoons by a dog and its owner. It is an educational manual for anyone who lives with pets or other living beings. The authour explains, with simplicity and humor, ” how to live with others without being masters or slaves”.

Yona Friedman, Hai un cane?
Quodlibet, 2011
12 x 19 cm
96 pages, black & white illustrations


ISBN 978-88-7462-388-4

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