Georges Salameh, HEAR YOU ATHENS, 2021

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HEAR YOU ATHENS is a series of photographs and short narrations. It is also a correspondence between two friends, Georges Salameh and Alexandros Mistriotis. Their conversation, over the years, is summarized in a book. This body of work was produced over an eight-year period, living and learning to observe the urban space as an expression of an experiential, direct, non-conceptual gaze. Wandering and sinking in Athens’ chaos we abolish it. Chaos resists us because we resist it, for chaos becomes man.Wandering in time expanding outwards, Ι discover the inner in its entirety and Athens echoes ones’ intimate space and aspirations as a citizen. Through those years of my apprentice, I started off to hear & embrace my city neither for what I wanted it to be but for what it is and eluded me.

Georges Salameh


MeMSéA, 2021

17×24 cm



English, Greek

ISBN 978-618-85273-0-0

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