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Walter Benjamin, I «PASSAGES» DI PARIGI, 2010

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The «passages» of Paris is an unfinished work to which Benjamin worked for 13 years and it presents itself as a fascinating expression of the continuous proliferation of materials and of the infinite research on historical reality, now a key to the interpretation of modernity.

starting from the seemingly marginal details of the reality of Paris, Benjamin wants to discover the origins of the modern era, through the combination of texts, intuitions and theoretical elaboration leaving programming in the background: next to the passages, the merchandise, prostitution, flâneur, gambling, fashion, art nouveau, Haussmann’s urban modernization, collecting (one of the many autobiographical motifs of Benjaminian research), but also Blanqui, Nietzsche, Poe and especially Baudelaire, The European Parliament’s role is to ensure that the European Parliament and the European Parliament are fully involved in this process.

With a Testimonies on the origin of the work, a Paralipomena and – for the first time – a complete Index of names.

Walter Benjamin – I «passages» di Parigi
Piccola Biblioteca Einaudi
A cura di Rolf Tiedemann
Edizione italiana a cura di Enrico Ganni

2 volumes, 1203 pages