Federico Novaro, Stefano Olivari, Christel Martinod, Il trasloco del giardino, 2018

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A garden can be very small, made up of a single plant in a pot, but if you look at it closely it will seem like a very tall tree in the middle of a lawn. Or a garden can be very large that it almost seems to be lost in it. But above all a garden, in order to exist, needs someone who takes care of it, its eyes and hands and then earth, sun, water and time. Do you have all these things? Then you are ready it will be beautiful. Federico Novaro, Stefano Olivari and Christel Martinod, authors of this book, hope that, reading the stories of their gardens, whether small or very large, you too will want to become passionate about plant care.

Federico Novaro, Stefano Olivari & Christel Martinod, Il trasloco del giardino: guida pratico poetica all’invenzione del paesaggio
Topipittori, 2018
22 x 32 cm
40 pages

ISBN 9788898523931