Tim Davis, I’m Looking Through You, 2021

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I’m Looking Through You is an expansive visual poem celebrating the glamorous surface of Los Angeles and its reach. Animating Tim Davis’s wry observations and the mesmerizing, color-pop geometry of his images is the photographer and writer’s decades long, gimlet-eyed meditation on making pictures.

As Davis states, “The camera is a machine that sees only surfaces. The world casts its spell, and the camera gobbles up its glamour, uncritically, with pure certainty, assuming there is nothing underneath.”

Davis’s keenly observational images, interspersed with a selection of his writings on the medium—the joys and pitfalls of camera seeing—solidify I’m Looking Through You as an unabashed celebration of photography.

Tim Davis, I’m Looking Through You

Aperture, 2021

Hard cover

16.51 x 2.54 x 23.37 cm

256 pages


ISBN: 9781597114981

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