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Fontcuberta Joan, JOAN FONTCUBERTA, 2009

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For almost thirty years, Joan Fontcuberta, photographer, but also a plastic artist, essayist, historian, critic, journalist, graduated in the language of information and communication sciences, has developed a work that questions in all aspects and consequences the narrative value of the image. A work so singular that it is difficult to characterize it in a word, without diminishing it, a work that constitutes a great contribution to the question of the truth about art. The way in which he invents characters, men or animals, improbable situations, develops myths and legends, diverting them in favor of an imaginary in constant motion, leaves the reader stunned. Arguous, albeit profoundly rigorous, this unclassifiable artist never ceases to subvert the codes of iconographic language and to question the perception we have of it. Joan Fontcuberta was born in Barcelona in 1955. she carries out an intense and diversified activity in the world of photography as an artist, teacher, critic and exhibition curator. He has taught at numerous centers and universities in Europe and the United States, he has collaborated with many specialized magazines in the world of art and image. In 1980 he founded the magazine “Photovision” of which he is still managing editor. He is currently Professor of Audiovisual Communication at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

Joan Fontcuberta
Text by Clément Chéroux, translation by Guia Boni
144 pages
90 photos

12,5×19 cm
ISBN : 978-88-6965-221-9