Lorena Florio, Lacerazioni, 2021

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Lacerazioni is a study about the act of cutting. It is composed of a series of shots that attempt to define the interaction present between an external agent, light in this case, and the support, the material on which the image is present. The cut breaks in, separates, allowing what is outside to enter. It fragments the entirety of the representation, but above all it leaves a mark, just like time. As if to make visible the thrill of duration, as if to do justice to the most infinitesimal part of time, to show it. As the image works on a tiny, unrepeatable part of the whole, so the cut, the laceration, decomposes the boulder, allowing the observation of its fragments under a new light. And it is precisely the light that reshapes what is already present, but with different eyes. His observation tries to recompose that moment, as if it were a mass of energy to be distributed in what is cut, in what time has broken.

Lorena Florio


Selfself, 2021

170 x 220 mm




ISBN: 9791280653031