Eduardo Nave, LIKE, 2018

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Like is a symptom, a disruption in the ecosystem of visual production. It reveals the existence of a deranged approach to pictorial representation in which more importance is attached to showing our place in the world than to showing the world itself. In a society imbued with the capitalism – the excess, total accessibility and asphyxia – of post-photographic era images, the question arises whether it is any longer possible to experience the excitement of discovery.

Like is a printed image of our age, of this global village in which we live and where the human figure melts into the background like some kind of diluted being: a sign floating on the surface with no order, coherence or identity. And that explains Nave’s determination to move to some new, uninhabited land, perhaps further away than ever and perhaps even outside this reality.

Eduardo Nave, Like
Ediciones Anómalas

2018, Second edition
Design by underbau

24 x 17 cm

288 pages, softcover

ISBN 978-84-697-2968-7


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