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Maurice Sendak, Nel paese dei mostri selvaggi, 2018

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This is an apparently simple and mysterious children’s story. Short and, at the same time, infinite. Like the contradictions that, from a very young age, nestle inside every human soul between rules and desire for freedom, anger and dreams of revenge, escape and the need to go back. Back home, wherever that may be. The story, in its narrative simplicity, goes to whet that desire to scream and run away that we begin to caress at a young age and that, probably, unites all of mankind. The illustrations, perfectly adhering to this yearning, make it simply immense.

Maurice Sendak, Nel Paese dei Mostri selvaggi

Adelphi, 2018

Original edition 1963

23,5 x 26,4 cm

44 pages

Soft cover


ISBN 9788845932038

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