Nil Yalter, Nil Yalter, 2013

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The first in-depth study of the life and art of Nil Yalter, a pioneer in the French feminist art movement of the 1970s, this book portrays her as an artist who continues to bear witness to the society in which she lives from a critically sensitive viewpoint.

Of Turkish origins and having lived in Paris since 1965, she was active in counter-culture and political movements of the time and has experimented in different media including drawing, photography, video and performance art. Much of her work deals with gender, patriarchy and the issues surrounding migrant workers. Richly illustrated, with an interview plus fascinating texts by Derya Yücel, Juan Vicente Aliaga and Fabienne Dumont.

Nil Yalter, Nil Yalter

Galerist, 2013

Editor Derya Yücel

20 x 25 cm

294 pages


ISBN 9783868953305