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Armin Greder , NOI E LORO, 2018

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Revered dogs and biting dogs, feasting at the restaurant and hungry beggars, VIP cruises and crowded drifting boats, overflowing shelves and rubbish to dig through, throwaway games and brick carts, war and war games with no games, carefree dives and shipwrecks in the middle of the sea, childhoods abandoned among comfortable pillows and blind alleys, the arrogance of consumers and the sadness of the consumed. Sometimes, we and them, victims of the same desires of vainglory. In a fast-paced comparison between us and them, Armin Greder forces us to look at this human geography as in a reflected mirror. What emerges, with disarming evidence, is the injustice of the human race towards itself. They are the ghosts of a rejected otherness, of a poverty rejected and of sufferings that do not want to be heard.

Armin Greder
Else Edizioni
Illustrations by Armin Greder
21 x 28,5 cm


ISBN 9788894105643