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Martina Fineder, Thomas Geisler, Sebastian Hackenschmidt, NOMADIC FURNITURE 3.0, 2016

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An ever growing enthusiasm for the creative possibilties and sensuous aspects of making something with your own hands has a growing influence on contemporary design to a great degree because of an inherent fusion of production and consumption. However, the mass phenomenon of do-it-yourself and prosumer culture is a paradoxical trend: While it promises liberation from consumer contraints, dogmas of taste, and design norms, it allows at the same time new technologies, production methods and sales strategies to beevaluated for their market compability.

Inspired by the legendary “Nomadic Furniture” handbooks from the 1970s, this publication provides a unique focus on the evolution of DIY furniture and presents a range of historical and current instruction manuals in a context of design-historical and socio-cultural contexts. What are the origins of the DIY movement? Who are the protagonists? Where and how do they exchange ideas and knowledge? How important are freedom, creativity, aesthetics and technical perfection to DIY?

Martina Fineder, Thomas Geisler, Sebastian Hackenschmidt – Nomadic Furntiure 3.0
Niggli Editions

272 pages, 23 x 30 cm
500 illustrations
Hardcover with banderole
English, German