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Analyzing the different aspects that describe the landscape of the Italian North East and dwelling on the reading of the critical factors attributable to the progressive processes of dispersion and fragmentation, typical of this particular geographical area, OMNE – Mobile Observatory North East continued the photographic campaigns started in 2016 by entrusting five artists in residence and three invited photographers with an investigation on the Veneto territory proposing a reflection on the term Beauty. The volume is conceived as a box set that contains, in addition to a textual apparatus rich in contributions from teachers and experts, including “Will the world save beauty?” by Salvatore Settis, eight files, one for each photographer, in respect of a plural interpretation of the concept of beauty itself. OMNE – OSSERVATORIO MOBILE NORD-EST investigates the environmental, architectural, anthropological, social and cultural aspects of the Italian North-East through an artistic approach. The origin of the project lies in the idea of a path, a journey that takes place on the territory in search of possible relationships between space, landscape and the body that inhabits it.



Skinnerboox, 2021

Curated by Stefania Rössl, Massimo Sordi

Designed by Damiano Fraccaro / Otium

ArtisT: Gianantonio Battistella, Francesca Cirilli, Anne Golaz, Vittorio Mortarotti, Igor Ponti, Antoine Séguin, Massimo Sordi, Marco Zanta



Hardcover, box with 9 volumes


ISBN 978-88-94895-48-3