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Peter Puklus, Bill Kouwenhoven, ONE AND A HALF METER, 2012

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The title of this work refers to the radius that defines its closest environment. Peter Puklus says of his work: “I collect portraits of people around me. I collect memories. Slowly I will reach everyone. Relatives or friends, the important thing is that they are a symbol of my relationship with them. Or the relationship of people in photography. Or that personal secret that can reveal the eyes. I capture a moment, whose magic is in trust; intimacy and photography, in other words, the story of love, friendship and identity. »

Peter Puklus
Author: Bill Kouwenhoven
Kehrer Verlag
Copertina rigida
96 pagine, 17 x 21,2 cm
63 fotografie a colori e b/n
ISBN 978-3-86828-279-5