Marco Marzocchi, Oyster, 2019

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Made over the course of 10 years, ‘Oyster’ is a visual diary compiled by Marco Marzocchi as clues to understand his absent parents. At times bordering on frustration and violence, his images express his search for a ‘culprit’, a cause for his dysfunctional childhood environment. Using archival and original imagery, the artist ransacks the past to build a presence in a process of forgiving and letting go, as a quest to find love and healing. The “Ouroboros” is an important symbol to Marco and his work. It relates to evolution and being reborn.The symbol guided many of the design concepts presented in ‘Oyster’. There are 480 different covers and every book connects to each other. Every snake is a cover of a book and the back cover of the next, turning the 480 books into a singular piece.

Marco Marzocchi


Void, 2019

14 x 16 cm,




ISBN 9786188434103