Metahaven, PSYOP: AN ANTHOLOGY, 2018

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Recognisably and fearlessly designed by Metahaven and densely illustrated, this uniquely original and experimental publication offers a fresh perspective on Metahaven’s exceptional and versatile practice by offering reflections on how to understand the collective’s work within a broader context, as well as by zooming in on their recent shift to moving image work.

It offers as-yet unpublished reflections on their practice by renowned and compelling voices, thinking through the various ways in which their sprawling body of work is embedded in the socio-political challenges of today, as well as in visual culture and art history.

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam / ICA, London 2018.

Metahaven – PSYOP: An Anthology
Koenig Books, Stedelijk Museum, ICA London

Co-edit by Metahaven and Karen Archey
Authors: Metahaven, Karen Archey, Eugene Ostashevsky, Brian Kuan Wood

200 pages, 21 x 30 cm
100 colored illustrations and 100 b/w illustrations