Karel Martens, RE-PRINTED MATTER, 2019

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Karel Martens occupies an intriguing place in the current European landscape of art and design. His work is both personal and experimental, but also publicly answerable. Martens, a prolific book designer, has also contributed to a wide range of design commissions, including stamps, coins, and signs. His artistic practice is intimately connected with this design work, from geometric and kinetic constructions, to works on paper and monoprints. Covering almost 60 years of practice and now in its fourth edition, this book offers new ways to look at and discuss the output of this designer and artist, and is offered in the same spirit of experiment and dialogue that characterises the work it presents.

Karel Martens
Roma Publication 372
Design: Jaap van Triest, Karel Martens
280 pages, 17.3 x 23.2 cm

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